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"Press enter for next level" - LIES!

It would be great if you didn't have to keep switching between the mouse and the keyboard. Also the music, while catchy, sounds like a low-quality ringtone.

riongames responds:

Thank you for your feedback.

I have tested the Enter and it works for me and others, can you tell me what browser/flash player do you use?

Great little platformer

This is a great little puzzle platformer. A perfect way to waste an afternoon. :-)

However, I found a few bugs. They weren't show-stoppers, but they did come up upon my first play through.

Bug 1: If you die on the grass, the game freezes.
Bug 2: I don't remember the level number, but the one with the spiral after the main level, if you push the block left across the gap, then push the one above down onto it, the one above will fall into the other block and they will occupy the same space.


I thought the point of most games was to AVOID dying. Where's the "STOP MOPING AND MOVE ON" button? And how do you jump on the Goomba?

"Hold the bottom of the screen"?

I keep holding the bottom of my monitor but nothing is happening.

Seriously, next time release TWO versions: one for computer and one for touchscreen.

Great music

The music was awesome, and the gameplay inventive. My only complaint is that it got hard to see the incoming squares with all the "blood" spread around the floor.

Buggy, badly spelled

There are some major bugs in this game. The first I noticed is that it often fails to register when Santa comes to a stop, which is the equivalent of a freeze. Also, it won't recognize hitting a helicopter at all.

That, and please learn how to spell: "catched" "enought". Come on.

You should be a children's author!

5981. (7th place/all time). Creepy artwork! Well done!

Needs Medals!

Needs medals! Other than that, it's kind of simple, don't you think?

Would Rather Just Read the Comic

1222. But it wasn't quite apparent that it was a difference game when I first clicked play. I was all reading the comic and trying to figure out why the first two panels were the same. :-P

Seen It Before, But This Is Way Better

I'm really impressed with this game. I remember playing something like it way back in the day that was called "Critical Mass" and ran in Windows 3.1. This is a lot like it.

Some differences are that Critical Mass made the missile-firing system depend on the ship, and how many missile bays it had operational (i.e. not reloading this turn and not destroyed by a missile hit). There was also a "fog of war" effect with enemy ships.

Anyway, great game! If you feel like it, you could re-use the engine to clone Critical Mass (there is a demo for it somewhere out there) if you were so inclined.

If your game does not work in Linux, I WILL vote it down.

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